Die Rückkehr der Physiognomie

January 2006 - published by Nicolas Bourquin & Sven Ehmann
in the context of the international Photographic Festival of Biel-Bienne Switzerland
art direction and design by onlab, Nicolas Bourquin, layout: Ursina Völlm and Ayelet Yanai, project management: Cathy Larqué
112 pages, 21 x 28 cm, soft cover, magazine, german/french

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"Die Rückkehr der Physiognomie" presents and discusses the role, relevance and presentation of the human in contemporary photography. While mankind faces the challenge of dealing with issues such as globalization, genetic engineering and plastic surgery, 57 photographers have taken a close look at the individual human being to find out about the state of its physical and psychological identity. Best-friend teenage girls and drug addicts, twins and drag queens, art student classes, families and elbows have been subject of this analysis and will challenge the audience explore, experience and compare what today's family of man is really all about.