Quarry Workers

September 2009 - Published by etc. publications, Berlin
Photos: Nicolas Bourquin, 2006, 2008
Design: onlab
Arabic interpreter: Rim Abu Zeid, Cairo
6 different issues of 66 copies, 16 pages per issue, 30x42 cm, b/w newspaper, english language


6 different issues serially numbered

Photographs of quarry workers, published in 6 different editions, assembled in 6 variable configurations and serially numbered.

Photos shot in El Mokatttam, Cairo, Egypt, 2006 and Hindoli, Rajasthan, India 2008. Conversation with the supervisor of the stone quarry of Mokattam recorded on december 12, 2006.

The newspaper presents the video work of Nicolas Bourquin, shot in Cairo during his artist residency in 2006, in the context of the collective exhibition: Im Schatten der Pyramiden at the Museum of the Arts in Altdorf, Uri, Switzerland.

Different configurations of the sheets

Samples taked from issues 2 and 6

The oder and direction of the sheets within the 6 different issues are placed in varied sequences. Therefore, the documentary portraits of the quarry workers are always positionned differently. It creates diverses picture compositions.
The central spread is the only entire portrait of the issue. The newspaper is not bound, so that every sheet can work as a poster.