Via Khan Al Zeit

October 2010 - Art direction: Nicolas Bourquin
Design: Nicolas Bourquin and Jeanno Gaussi
Texts and photography: Youmna Chlala & Jeanno Gaussi
Stills: Martin Lebioda
Published by Al-Ma'mal Foundation for Contemporary Art, Jerusalem

The artist book is a publication of "Home Sweet Home" a collaborative multi-city art project by Youmna Chlala & Jeanno Gaussi.

The project investigates during the "Jerusalem Show V" the exhaustive qualities of constantly moving between the real and the imagined. The ability to differentiate between the two states of understanding is particularly exhausting within the ritual of location because it is rooted in the concept of an ideal home that remains both a search and a dream. Throughout our exchange between space and self/collective we hope to create the momentum towards a revived state of being.