Datendruck – Process

March 2011 - Workshop about data visualisation and screen printing at Hyperwerk (FHNW Basel) hosted by Nicolas Bourquin and Sven Ehmann.

Data visualizations with an additional quality

General knowledge about the world is growing more and more complex - in the small scale as much as in larger scales. More data is accumulated and published everyday and faster than ever. The challenge is to collect, understand, evaluate, interpret and edit data in a way that is understandable for a large public. A new job profile is emerging between disciplines like statistics, journalism, programming and design. Essential impulses for a new, visual language originate from design which makes it an exciting domain for us to explore.

Screen printing offers constraints, focusing and opportunities at the same time. We want to use this technique to give the realization of data visualizations an additional quality.

Screen printing at the workshop of the Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst in Basel, under the supervision of Mr. Thomas Dettwiler

First task

Self-mapping – After a theoretical introduction about data visualization (based on our expertise acquired during the research for our book project Data Flow ) the students starts to develop the first sketches.

Main task

On the second day, we asked the students to portrait – with the help of data visualization – one participant of the workshop. The result will be screen printed. The technique offers constraints, focusing and opportunities at the same time.